Succeed Conditioning Program

Purchase Succeed for your horses digestive systerm.Introducing the Succeed Healthy Horse Commitment. Supporting horses, their owners, and the veterinarians who recommend Succeed.

We all know that maintaining optimal digestive health in the face of modern care and feeding gives horses the best opportunity to avoid discomfort and other conditions, including colic.

That's why Succeed was created to give horses a chance to maintain disgestive health and wellness, in spite of being kept in stalls, used in performance, and fed intermittently on a diet of processed grain feed. Good health and wellness has always been a the Succeed promise.

Now Succeed is backing that promise with a formal commitment only for veterinarians(Dr. Garfinkel). If our clients horse or horses experience a GI-Health related colic episode while on Succeed purchased from Dr. Garfinkel. Succeed will compensate Dr. Garfinkel's client for her qualified services in treating that colic. In a case of a qualified surgical colic, Succeed will also compensate the veterinary hospital to cover the associated costs.

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Suceed Equine Fecal Blood Test

Dr. Garfinkel uses the Succeed FBT test to test for ulcers.How FBT Works

The SUCCEED® Equine Fecal Blood Test (FBT) is a simple stall-side test that provides veterinarians with useful objective data to support the differential diagnosis of digestive tract conditions in horses.

The FBT is a dual rapid lateral flow immunoassay. Used in conjunction with history, physical examination and blood work, the FBT can support a differential diagnosis of gastrointestinal health conditions in horses, including suspected gastric ulcers, colonic ulcers, protein-losing enteropathies, and more.

Indicates Whether Ulcers are Gastric and/or Colonic

If all symptoms point to potential ulceration, the SUCCEED® FBT can help identify if the problem is in the foregut, the hindgut or both – giving you an accurate and reliable indication of both gastric and colonic ulceration in just minutes.

The SUCCEED® FBT utilizes proprietary antibodies highly sensitive and specific to particular protein components in equine blood. Each kit includes two tests in a single cassette.

  • Test A detects equine albumin from sources caudal to the common bile duct in the duodenum.
  • Test H detects equine hemoglobin from sources at any location along the GI tract.

The sensitivity ranges of both parts of the FBT have been calibrated to indicate levels of occult blood that signal a true pathological condition. Taken together, the two parts of the test provide a means of diagnosing and distinguishing between foregut and hindgut issues in horses.

What’s in the FBT Kit

The leading edge technology of the SUCCEED FBT is packaged into a single, simple dual test cassette. Each kit includes a test sample bottle for collecting and prepping the fecal sample, a disposable plastic glove and disposable sample pipette, with an instruction sheet.

Each kit provides everything you need to test one horse. All you need is the contents of the kit, a fecal sample from the subject horse, and 3 to 4 oz. of clean tap water. It’s easy to use anywhere, and the results are clear within minutes.

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